When It Rains….It Pours Shows

GIFT HORSE (Photo/Travis Dorn, http://www.dornbrothers.com)

For some reason, it almost always happens that there’s a ton of shows I really want to see all on the same night. I’ve blogged about my choice crisis before so no use treading down that path again. Regardless, if you’re like me, you haven’t been out lately for whatever reason. It’s not raining right now and it’s only mildly hot so get to one of these shows tonight. You won’t regret it.

Our friend John Keane’s band Strawberry Flats is playing tonight. Great covers in a nice venue with FOOD. Shows at the Point are almost always done before others so you could probably pop in, grab some food, watch the show, and then hop over to another show later. Trust me. Strawberry Flats + Food = AWESOME.

“Riot of Spring.” This is really a must see. The Arcs with Ham 1, Gift Horse, DJ Kurt Wood and DJ Ovor rock you all night long. Here’s the deal. The Arcs are giving away tickets when you buy their single at Wuxtry or Schoolkids records. You get two when you buy a single single (hehe). PLUS! Gift Horse will be streaming their show LIVE. Check their myspace for details. So if you really are too lazy to get out, you can listen online. We’ll be catching up with their bassist via Flagpole’s blog soon.

I posted on Homedrone about this earlier but it warrants another mention. If you’re a serious Athens music history buff, there’s really no better place for you to be than at Little Kings watching Oh-O.K. and Time Toy.

So get out there and enjoy the show(s). At least there won’t be a ton of little freshmen to get in your way.

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