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Your Athfest: Tunabunny

tunabunny’s athfest diary hey jordan. not sure if this is what you had in mind when you asked us to write about our athfest experience. went into a lot of detail about preparing for the show because i don’t think a lot of people know what goes into that kind of stuff, and it might […]

Dispatches from Athfest, Day 2, Friday

I slept late, feeling every single step that I took last night beating me down like the most vicious boxer. Little did I know that I would feel that exhaustion twofold by the end of this day. The late sleep-in led to me eating a bologna sandwich for lunch (which I’m sure you needed to […]

Dispatches from Athfest, Day 1, Thursday

The alarm clock went off at the wrong time, leaving me in a bit of a pickle. I had wanted to get off to Athens at 9 a.m. Instead, it was more towards noon by the time I left the hometown for the sights and sounds of Athens. I put on my special Athens playlist. […]

Flagpole Award Winners

Electronic: Immuzikation Jazz: Half Dozen Brass Band World: DubConscious Jam/Funk: Widespread Panic Experimental: Diet Rock Star Hip Hop/Rap: Deaf Judges Roots Americana: Packway Handle Band Country: Kaitlin Jones and the County Fair Rock: Dead Confederate Pop: Modern Skirts Punk/Hardcore: American Cheeseburger Metal: Harvey Milk Tribute Band: Ziggy Stardust Solo Performer: Madeline Upstart of the Year: […]

And here. We. Go!

ATHFEST kicks off today with the Flagpole Athens Music Awards at the Morton Theatre at 8 p.m. Featuring performances from Dead Confederate, Casper and the Cookies and many more. Plus a lot of familiar faces *cough* hint *cough*. So get up here if you can. Don’t forget, we’re taking anything you’ve got to give us. […]

New Modern Skirts Songs

Our good buddy Matt Daniel happened to get to the Modern Skirts sorta secret midnight gig at the brand new Tasty World Uptown and so graciously gave us these videos to post. For those of you wondering where the Skirts’ sound is heading next, be warned. This ain’t no “Pasadena.” Now before you go running […]

Athfest: Essential Info

GEORGIA THEATRE ATHFEST SHOWS NOW AT MORTON THEATRE The incredible loss of the Ga Theatre has forced Athfest officials to come up with an alternate venue for the shows originally planned for the GAT. All the shows will be held at their originally scheduled times at the Morton Theatre. ATHFEST MAP If you’re like me […]

The Warm Fuzzies at the Melting Point

BY SOFIA PEREA The Warm Fuzzies are crashing into the Athens music scene with unexpected force. I’ll admit that I had never heard of them before Wednesday night’s concert at the Melting Point, but apparently I’m the only one. They currently stand as one of the top three contenders for Flagpole’s Upstart of the Year […]

The Georgia Theatre Will Rise Again

(Photo/Stephanie Sharp) (Photo/Waites Lasseter for Red & Black) I must thank all of you who tweeted, twitpic’d, and called me during the day. Special thanks to Matt Daniel and Gordon Lamb who supplied info and photos during the events. Sorry the last post was so rushed but I needed to get the info out. This […]

GA Theatre Catches Fire on Friday Morning (Updated 11:15)

(Photo/Gordon Lamb)(Photo via Twitpic by VeniceisSinking Lucas Jensen) A lot of us woke up to bad news this morning. At 8:30 I got a text telling me that the Georgia Theatre was on fire. Not believing this, I ran to the computer to check my local sources. And guys, it’s true. Downtown Athens is now […]