An Uncertain Flight: Helping the Darlings

(Photo/Jordan Stepp)

You may remember our friends Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings from previous posts here on AMJ. Since we last saw them, they’ve parted amicably with guitarist Joe Orr, played a number of high-energy gigs, and have created one or two um…interesting…videos for songs from the latest release “Satisfactionista.” So yeah, we’re fans and when we saw this, the gears in our heads started turning.

During the recording of “Satisfactionista,” the band created something like 40 songs for the album and had fans vote on the final tracks. A lot of work got cut but the band moved on a continued writing. Now they have some new songs that they’ve worked out and REALLY REALLY want to record for a new album/EP. Like everyone else in this economy, they need a bit of help.

The band is asking fans and friends to help donate towards the new record. But don’t think this is a simple charity case. No, the more you give, the more you get. Your basic $5 option gets you a download of the single and all updates on the project. At the top levels, bonuses include everything from unreleased tracks and signed swag to bassist Frank designing and building a custom guitar/bass for you, a ride around in Chris’ car and just a jaw-dropping amount of other stuff.

I’d really like to hear that pre-Darlings stuff and the acoustic arrangements sound pretty awesome. Of course, it is very tempting to get them to craft a song about a radio dj whose show gets overrun by rock stars….

It’s a solid investment in this cruel economy. Chris is a man of his word and you will not be disappointed with the results. The goal is currently set at $2000 but if you are of deep pockets and want to basically rent the Darlings, I’m sure they won’t object too much. Just make sure to feed Chris every once in a while. He gets a bit grumpy between meals.


  1. Ah, was that you? I saw Tallahassee and figured it must be. I was just digging into the archive (re: closet) to find everything! Crazy.


    And leave it Jordan to make a better pitch for this than I could!

    Thank you for looking out for us!

    I'm going to post it on Facebook tomorrow morning so that it doesn't get lost on the weekend.



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