Farewell to We Versus the Shark?

Met with the message “This band will not be playing shows after June 26,” I stared at the myspace of We Versus the Shark with a dropped jaw. Wowzers. I’ve only seen my Homedrone co-blogger’s band once ever so hearing that the last show is nigh, I’m a bit crushed.

To be honest, I don’t really remember that show. I do recall it being obscenely loud. The music, however, I know from WUOG. Man, we even had this great drawing of Jeff that hung on our wall for a long time. Don’t know where it’s at now since the move.

So grab that copy of Murmurmur and play the hell out of it. Dirty Versions will serve you well too. Can’t wait for the numerous side projects guys.

And now a message from the mouth of the shark itself:

We Versus the Shark is going to play our last show for a very long time at the Georgia Theatre on Friday, June 26th as part of Athfest.

The next time you see us, things will probably be different: we might have a different name or a different line-up. Scott will have his degree from UGA and we will be well-rested from not touring four months out of the year. And hopefully we will have a really great album to share with you.

Those who attend our “last show for a very long time” at Athfest can expect a set list that reaches all the way back to the beginning, and so it’s only appropriate that we will be joined onstage by founding member Samantha Paulsen. Thanks and hope to see you assholes there.


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