Help Us Cover Athfest!

I never wanted AthensMusicJunkie to be a solo empire after I realized people actually read this thing. Anyone can set up a soapbox on the digital alleyways of the internet and scream into the distance. What I want to see is a community. One of Athens music fans, friends, family. So here’s the pitch.


Actually, I want your help covering Athfest. Your photos, stories, catchphrases, video, drawings, poems, tweets, whatever! I know you’re a creative group.

Last year, I typed up a summary of each day of my experience at Athfest. But I want to hear your stories. I’m calling you out. I want to hear it from the angle of the bands playing (looking at you Venice, Tunabunny, Leading Edge, etc.) I want to see it from the photographer’s point of view (Mike, Chris..get on it!) and read about it from your own words. Both the scene veterans (Gordon, Jeff, you know how to do it) and the people who’ve never been to Athfest (Ziona, Keet, glad to have you aboard!). Any soundmen (Asa? Wes?) or managers (Daniel? Matt?) would be more than welcome to write about your experinces too.

And yes, I’ll still be writing up some reviews and impressions of Athfest too. But I’d rather hear from you. So what’s in it for you? Well, um, probably stickers and my undying gratitude. And you own the content you produce and we post so that might look good in your portfolios. In my wildest dream, if we had enough content, maybe we could put together a scrap book…

Upload videos to youtube as responses to (the yet to be posted) “Athfest 09” on the AthensMusicJunkie youtube site. Make sure to include info like who the film is of, what day of Athfest, and the words AthensMusicJunkie and Athfest in the tags and description.

Have some epic bootleg of the show (with permission please) or color commentary? Upload it to YouSendIt and email it to us at Please include crucial info like who you are and what the audio is of.

Got a Flikr or Photobucket account? Tag the photos with #athfest and #AthensMusicJunkie. Or if you’d like to see them on this here site, email ’em to with a description and your credit info.

I’ll be tweeting from various places during Athfest so you can follow me (blueshades) for updates on shows and such. If you’re tweeting during Athfest, let’s all use #athfest to mark the tweets for easy searching. I’ll also be using #AMJ but that’s optional of course.

Email them to with the subject line “Athfest (topic here)”. After a quick check for content (we like to keep it PG-13 here), we’ll throw it up on the page.

Again, this is just something I’ve been wanting to do and the whole thing depends on what you would like to do. If it does something really cool, you can say you were part of it. I hope this works…

Email or write in the comments.

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  1. you are welcome to any pictures i take, as usual. and i guess my tweets. which will probably be few and far between. but you know. whatever. i'm sure those from 3am will be amusing.

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