Flagpole Award Winners

Electronic: Immuzikation

Jazz: Half Dozen Brass Band

World: DubConscious

Jam/Funk: Widespread Panic

Experimental: Diet Rock Star

Hip Hop/Rap: Deaf Judges

Roots Americana: Packway Handle Band

Country: Kaitlin Jones and the County Fair

Rock: Dead Confederate

Pop: Modern Skirts

Punk/Hardcore: American Cheeseburger

Metal: Harvey Milk

Tribute Band: Ziggy Stardust

Solo Performer: Madeline

Upstart of the Year: The Incredible Sandwich

Best Live Band: Of Montreal

Music Video: Hope For Agoldensummer: “4th Night”

Album Cover Art: Modern Skirts “All of Us in Our Night”

Best Album: Bloodkin: “Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again”

Band/Performer of the Year: Widespread Panic

Special Award: Bruce Burch and the UGA Music Business Program

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