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And You Can’t Even Cry…

2008: It’s absolutely freezing tonight as Katie and I walk back on aching feet to the car parked way to far away. We don’t notice the chill because we’re overheated from dancing. I’m cursing myself for wearing these shoes. Katie’s giggling away at my blushing face. “If only I’d gotten that camera out in time! […]

Randy’s Birthday

Just in case you missed the announcement in the Flagpole, on Homedrone, on WUOG, on the Athens Banner Herald, on blueshades’ twitter, or anywhere else.. I’ll be there, blowing up balloons beforehand and dancing like crazy later. Jordan

Contest Time!

I think it’s been awhile since I’ve held a giveaway so here goes. Twitter followers may have an advantage here… Question: In the cult film Athens, Ga: Inside/Out, what band does not have a speaking role?First to email with the answer to the question wins an Athens cd prize pack. Remember to put AMJ […]

Music 101: Sign Up Now

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of the UGA Music Business program, having been through it, present Bruce Burch with an award for it, and received a lot of opportunities from it. Considering how much time I’ve spent with the program, I haven’t really talked much about it. Guess I’ve been trying to […]

The Trestle Mess

It seems like every year there’s a story about how the R.E.M. steeple or Murmur Trestle is a)falling apart (they both are) b) in danger (they both are) or c)causing problems (again, both are). So it really came as no surprise to hear that there another story being written about a treasured icon facing extinction. […]

Figuring Out the Widespread Effect

When people ask me questions about Athens bands, I try to answer as best I can. But I don’t always know everything that I need to. Sure, ask me about Pylon or R.E.M. or Modern Skirts and I can fill your head with more random facts than you ever need to know. Ask me about […]

Vacation All I Ever Wanted..

So I’m not currently in Athens at the moment. While this does afford me a rare opportunity to sleep, it also presents a few challenges. Like Internet connection. And current material. Thank goodness for my buddies back in Athenstown who’ve been calling me and keeping me up to date. On the Modern Skirts front, we’ve […]

Coming Up (and Happy Birthday)

Yup. Happy Birthday Mr. Downs. And now back to our regularly scheduled update on schedules. It’s summertime and though the livin’ ain’t always easy, it does slow down any music news for a while. But we’re keeping you updated as best as we can. So here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the […]

Debate: "Inside, Out" Fact or Fiction?

It’s the cult classic movie filmed in the mid-eighties that has led tons of people to Athens in pursuit of music, fame, and the right to drink beer and create stickpiles while in their pajamas. Athens, Ga.: Inside/Out caused quite a stir when being filmed and after it was released. Some hailed it as the […]

Read a Book!: Concert and Chaos

This post is brought to you by the letters R, E, and M. And by the number 69. One of the advantages of working in a library is the insane amount of information you have access to. Believe it or not, not all knowledge has been converted to the web. And some of these books […]