Your Athfest: Rebecca

You’ve been reading about my friend Rebecca from and our adventures at Athfest. She’s really really fond of birds, hence her view of what happened at Athfest. Rebecca’s sketches and other artwork appears here from time to time as well as her incredible sculptures including “Jade” and “Birdis”.This is her story.

Hi AMJ followers, I’m Rebecca and at my friend Jordan’s request I am hijacking the blog for a bit to tell you part of my Athfest story. Alright, so my story does not directly relate to the Athens music scene… but Athens birds make music too, right? Right. Firstly I should apologize for my lack of writing skills, as I am primarily an “artist” and not a writer. Secondly I’d like to let you know that I absolutely love birds, so this was a really moving experience for me.

On the Saturday of Athfest, my boyfriend Tony and I had just finished an excellent lunch at The Grill and were heading out to meet up with Jordan and Ziona. Immediately after we walked through the doors, I heard a little “squawk” and turned to see a fledgling grackle sitting under one of the trees. Excitedly, I skipped over to the tree and sat down on the cement wall that encircled it. “Hi little birdie!” I chirped and pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures. I only got about 3 pictures though, all of which were blurry, because the baby bird kept moving closer.

The next thing I knew the little bird leapt into the air, started fluttering its stubby baby wings, and landed right on my finger! Needless to say I was not expecting that; wild birds do not usually just perch on people, baby or no. At first I thought “Oh he must have done this by accident, I will put him down.” However when I lowered my hand to the ground and turned it so that he could jump off easily, he wouldn’t budge and seemed quite content to stay where he was. I quickly handed my camera to Tony and he took a bunch of pictures of me with my little feathered friend.

You would not believe how promptly that cute little bird drew a crowd, both of people and of birds. As I stroked the bird’s tummy over the next ten minutes, a group of people gathered wanting to know how I had ended up holding the baby. One couple even brought some water over for the fledgling to drink, and I soon became aware of some curious sparrows that were hopping around the tree and peering up at me quizzically while I sat there.

Presently I noticed the fledgling’s mother land in the tree right above my head. She stared at me intently with her vivid yellow eyes, and for a moment I was afraid she would dive at me because I was holding her baby. Luckily for me she seemed quite unaggressive, and only emitted several calls which her baby returned. She flew into a nearby bush, and once more I lowered my hand to let the baby go. This time he jumped down and flittered off to the bush to safely join his mother. As I turned to leave and meet my friends for another eventful day of Athfest band hopping, I bid an affectionate farewell to my little feathered buddy.

– Rebecca

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