New Addiction: Flash to Bang Time

It seems like more and more bands are re-forming or getting around to playing again after a hiatus. I’ve been stunned by the amount of “old” Athens bands I’ve gotten to see around lately. Pylon last year and Dreams So Real this year, a few of the newer older bands have come back… Seriously, it must be something in the water. One of those newer older bands is a recent favorite of mine, Flash to Bang Time.

Now, I’ve seen the Oh-Ok/FtBT hybrid at the NEDfest a while back. And more currently, got to witness the band playing Athfest at the Melting Point. And I’ll go ahead and completely admit that I was drawn to the band the first time simply because of the Oh-Ok connection. But the more I listened to the songs on myspace (put more up please!), the more I got away from who was in the band to what the band is able to do musically.

I hate female lead vocals about eighty percent of the time. They’re usually too shrieky or too “I’m so dark and mysterious, listen to me sing like a guy.” But I’m happy with Flash’s singer, Lynda, and the musicianship behind the band is good. Sometimes poppy, sometimes a little moody but always unexpected and always welcome.

All of this is to say that Flash to Bang Time will be playing at Flicker on Wednesday, July 8th. If you’d like to see a bit of what to expect, lo and behold, AMJ has a video up on youtube. Imagine that. Be warned though, it was really really really dark in there so the vid quality isn’t quite what I would’ve wanted it to be. That’s why you should go to the gig on the 8th and tape a song yourself, right?

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