Vacation All I Ever Wanted..

So I’m not currently in Athens at the moment. While this does afford me a rare opportunity to sleep, it also presents a few challenges. Like Internet connection. And current material. Thank goodness for my buddies back in Athenstown who’ve been calling me and keeping me up to date.

On the Modern Skirts front, we’ve got a phenomenal link sent in by our friend Matt. It’s the live show that the boys did in Memphis. You’ll notice that a little less than half the session is new material. And look ma! No “Pasadena”.

Local grad Adam Wexler’s new website GoRankEm has been gathering attention lately. The site allows you to rank the songs from your favorite artists, giving fans the chance to tell the world that regardless of a hit’s sales, that may not be the artist’s best song. It’s an interesting concept and we’ll be following up with Adam and his expeditions soon.

Remember reading about seeing Dead Confederate playing in a dumpster? Well, that footage has finally been uploaded by blog friend The Ice Cream Man on Bablegum. And yes, yours truly makes a cameo. *shameless plug*

And for a band that’s supposedly on vacation, R.E.M.’s sure been hitting everyone hard with semi-new releases. Murmur and Reckoning are re-released (and holy cow does Murmur sound good on vinyl!) but the real news is the confirmation of a dvd packaged with the release of the Dublin Working Rehearsals. Also relaunched is a new version of In other REMish news, THE MINUS 5 ARE COMING TO THE 40 WATT! Pardon me while I squeal like a preteen girl at a JoBros concert.

And last but probably most important, Randy Bewley’s Birthday Party will be held at the 40 Watt on July 25th. Entry is $5 (goes to Nuci’s Space) to see Flash to Bang Time, Gold Party, and our buddies Tunabunny. The limited edition “Randy” shirts will be available as will a package of three special buttons. I’ll be making my way back to Athens for it so hit me up if you’re there.

As always, keep rockin


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