Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday..

It was late and a massive headache had kept me from moving around too much earlier in the day. Life's been a bit different lately. New scenery, new assignments, and a lot of friends coming and going. I was feeling a bit down, having been fighting the headache and a bit of anxiety earlier. A … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday..

Give Venice is Sinking a Kick in the Pants

Venice is Sinking is pressing their third album and need your help. The band's set up a Kickstarter account (man, that thing is popular right now) and are asking for donations. Here's the "kicker," they recorded this unreleased album inside the GA Theatre. With such an emotional connection to the building, the band has redirected … Continue reading Give Venice is Sinking a Kick in the Pants

John Bell: 5 Things You Should Know

Picture via THE RED & BLACKWidespread Panic's John Bell kicked off another semester of classes for the University of Georgia's Music Business Program on Tuesday. He spoke a bit, sang a bit, and tolerated one slightly stunned Athens Music Junkie at dinner afterwards. If you got to be at the Chapel, you know that it … Continue reading John Bell: 5 Things You Should Know

Fire & Ice

Since I'm still completely beat from yesterday's adventures (maybe to appear here later) I'm just going to highlight this EPIC team-up I came across while researching. Widespread Panic. Vic Chesnutt. One's fire. The other's ice. Either way, this song burns so good.