Listen to This Now!

Yes, Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings are at it again, playing musical Robin Hood with their websites. They’re giving you the chance to have a say about the new songs that have been falling out of Chris lately. Give them all a listen and help him decide which ones work and which should be placed on a disc and used as a frisbee.

Now, the song you HAVE to listen to (no, you have no option) is this one right here. It’s an unusually slow one for the Darlings with rain effects in the background. And thanks to our friend Tony, I know why I probably love this song. Sing the chorus of R.E.M.’s “I’ll Take the Rain” during “Everything Must Go.” Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Good grief Chris, you’ve got us under your spell. As Rebecca has said, “He’s not doing a very good job of writing an awful song.” Amen.

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