Young, Foxy, and A Free Mattress

Since AthensMusicJunkie HQ is currently under construction (ie, I’m moving to a new apartment), I’ve had to acquire some new furniture. Chief among these is a queen sized mattress sans boxspring. After weeks of searching, I found one. A boxspring mattress. For free! A nice woman on Craigslist would leave it on her front porch on Wednesday and I could pick it up. Only one problem. I drive a small car. CRAP.

Today was a single day trip to move everything I could fit in my car to the new place from its current station at my parent’s house. The drive up was gray and rainy. I tried putting on some Ruby Isle but that just didn’t help. So I cranked up Automatic to fuel my very moody mood. Got lost on the way to the apartment but found it in decent time.

The last tenants had left quite a mess so clean up took a great deal of time. I finished up as quick as I could and ran to WUOG for a bit. Then downtown for some lamp shopping and a visit to my buddies at Team Clermont. I had put out a desperate plea on facebook and twitter the night before, begging anyone with a truck to come to my aid. At the moment when I was about to give up all hopes of not paying a buttload for a new boxspring, a savior appeared. Michael Lachowski. Mr. Young, Foxy, and Free himself.

After extricating himself from a day full of meetings, he so kindly offered use of his truck. Met him downtown and we walked along, chatting about his newest issue of Young, Foxy, & Free. He’s finally gotten 2 new publication boxes downtown (in front of the post office/corner of College & Clayton) for the mag! Woot!

We found the house after a bit of head scratching and conversation about the new Indigo Hotel. Let the record show that Michael lifted that mattress and had it strapped down completely in a matter of 50 seconds. With mattress safely in tow, we turned to leave. Conversation had drifted to my current living situation and where my hometown is. We pulled out a map and found that he has indeed heard of this small town. I mentioned that I think I might’ve played soccer against one of the Modern Skirts at some point in my childhood. I don’t think I mentioned that I’m also pretty sure my team lost…

Speaking of lost, when you’ve only been to your own apartment about three times, it’s easy to forget exactly where it is. My apologies. But we got it into the apartment and up a few stairs no problem. So I owe Mr. Lachowski big time gratitude and a dinner or two.

My life is surreal. But it’s surreally awesome.

YOUNG, FOXY, & FREE available now! Look for it! Get it!

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