Weekend Housekeeping

Firstly, WOW. Thanks to the folks at Widespread Panic, the blogpost on Friday had a record number of hits. So thanks very very very much. Look out in the future for Jordan’s trip through the Panic catalog.

Secondly, we need a catchphrase for the blog. You can vote for the new one on the side to the right OR send in suggestions to athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com

Thirdly, R.E.M. widget. Since R.E.M. announced the release date of R.E.M. Dublin, we’ve put up a handy little widget on the sidebar so you can enjoy some live tunes while browsing around. PS, the record drops on Oct. 26.

Fourthly, T-SHIRTs. We’ve been seriously considering making t-shirts or tote bags. Need some feedback on this. Thanks.

And last but not least, DEBATE questions. We’ve got some stored up. But we’re always looking for slightly controversial or highly contested questions here in Athens. So if you have one, email.

Anyway, busy weekend coming up with Mulefest, Leading Edge, and tons more. Catch ya on the flip side.

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