WUOG News and Other Things

As if I didn’t keep myself busy enough, the nice folks over at WUOG have set up blogs for pretty much each show to hit the airwaves. I’m not sure who’s actually going to be writing on them, but I’ll be updating the Sound of the City blog every Tuesday night. You can find it here.

Also of interest, DJ FOR WUOG. Yup, we’re doing the community Dj shift again this semester. It’s always a ton of fun to see who signs up for this. Last time I “babysat” the station, our friend Michael Lachowski showed up and we had a blast. If you feel like giving up an hour of your Saturday night to come hang out and play any songs you want, sign up here.

And if you ever want to know what was played on Tuesday nights, check out this section of the website and it’ll get you up to speed.


  1. It only applies to the Community shift on Saturday and any guests that we have on our shows. You have to pay student fees to be a WUOG dj. 😦

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