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Your Weekly Show Picks

Wednesday – 9/30 40 WattColour RevoltBambara (We like them a lot)Twin Tigers Go BarAbbanna Lebon (Pieces of our buddies Fashion Knee High)Daniel Francis DoyleMemory Gospel Dancers (Yet another Jeff Tobias Project) Thursday – 10/1 Square One Fish Co.Lefty Williams Farm 255Kinky Waikiki (exactly how it sounds) Friday – 10/2 The Classic CenterB.B. King (Yes. THE […]

Wayne Sawyer (Updated)

Blow after blow. News comes from the Widespread Panic camp today that Wayne Sawyer died in his sleep last night. Wayne worked with Panic for a number of years and was a great friend to many in the Athens music community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his daughter and wife and all of […]

Jon Guthrie (Updated)

Sad news in Athens today. We have lost one of our own and at too young an age. The body of Jon Guthrie was found today inside his wrecked car on Beaverdam Road. Reports say it appears that he lost control of the vehicle while crossing over a bridge. Jon was an incredible musician in […]

Sun o))) Did WHAT?!

Photo by Candice Jones I’ll go ahead and say that I have no clue who Sun o))) is, only that some of my friends have been screaming into my ears about the band since they found out Athens dates. Provided, I’ve been doing the same thing about the Minus 5 (TONIGHT! 40 WATT!!), but the […]

It’s Not an Arch. It’s a Wall.

Funny Friday

Okay, so these may or may not be funny depending on your sense of humor or lack of sleep. I’m always on the lookout for Athens jokes so here’s a few I collected via Twitter. Local High Schooler Discovers New Athens Band! How does Dark Meat, Supercluster, and Dead Confederate all get on the same […]

Athens Time Stamp: A Ziona Post

By Ziona Kocher DISCLAIMER: Jordan Stepp, the amazing head of AthensMusicJunkie, is referred to as the Bosslady/Boss throughout this piece. I do this to annoy her. Nearly all descriptions of her cruelty have been exaggerated (except for the Glare ‘o’ Death. That thing is scary). While she does often tease, she’s one of my best […]

Upcoming Concerts and Stuff

Photo by Mike White If you’re like me, you’re just sick of all the rain and want to get out and play. Well, the week is PACKED with stuff to do and the weekend just keeps getting better and better. Here’s a list of AMJ approved shows but this is a community blog so if […]

Well That Was Random: Mother Jackson, Corduroy Road at UGA SLC

There’s usually such a gap between the downtown music scene and UGA that one wouldn’t know the other even existed if not for WUOG, frat bands, and the countless art/English majors that make up 80% of the groups. That fact is why I was surprised when a Telecommunications professor announced an “Athens Music” day in […]

Athens in Perspective: Indigo Girls in Atlanta

By Ziona Kocher “Wow, it feels electric out there!” were the first words we heard from Emily Saliers as she and Amy Ray took the stage on a rainy Saturday evening at Chastain Park. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “if it is so electric, why aren’t we all being electrocuted?” It had been […]