Debate: Athens Music Messge Board

picture by Josh Schultz

This debate question comes straight from Daniel via email. He reckons that a message board would get some more conversation going about different bands and venues around town. You could start and comment on threads, giving you more say so than just the comments section here and on Flagpole. So would it be a good idea or a bad one? Leave comments/ideas below.

YES: It’s about time that everyone had a single place to go and speak their minds about certain bands and venues. Sometimes all I read is good reviews of a band. What about the bad stuff? What about the people who didn’t like the band? It’d be nice to hear some other opinions. I’d like a place to vent about the poor bartending service at (X) place or how crappy (X) band sounded on Friday. Or just a place to say how much I love the sound system at (Y) place.

NO: Do you really want to give Winfield J. Abbe more to do? We’ve already got the comments section on Flagpole, we don’t really need a message board. It would get out of hand really fast with people posting spam and hate messages about people. With a bunch of yahoos just yelling opinions, there wouldn’t be any civil conversation about how to improve things. Just people being obnoxious. Best just leave it to the comments sections.

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  1. I imagine you'd get both. So the real question at hand is how much time you (or whoever) is willing to put in to moderate the board. That's what keeps it useful – when all the hate speeches and spam messages get knocked out swiftly.

    I'm sure you'd have no shortage of opinion, though.

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