Workin’ Miracles

It’s easy enough to group UGA students into a giant ball of uncaring, spoiled, bratty post-teens who don’t give a rip about Athens or anyone else. It’s completely untrue. One of the prime examples of this is an amazing group called UGAMiracle.

UGAMiracle is a phenomenal student organization at UGA that raises funds for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Probably their best known event is the 24 Hour Dance Marathon, one of my traditional favorites to watch. So why mention this group on the blog? Because they asked. And they’re throwing a concert.

Anyone else remember Sister Hazel and that one song “All for You”? I remember loving that song (along with the many other Hootie & the Blowfishesque tracks) so much that I’d wait by the radio for hours with a mixtape ready.

Well, UGAMiracle is bringing the band to the Classic Center on Friday, September 11th. It’s $18 pre-order and $20 at the door, all going to benefit the kids. You get a good show, they get the help they need. That, my friends, is what it’s all about.

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