Athens Music News OVERLOAD

Photo/Daniel Peiken

HOLY CRAP! There’s always a lot going on in Athens but our bands have been making some racket out there lately in the national press.

First up, Athens has been named one of America’s best college towns by MSN Travel. You might remember the cool photo taken by our very own Chris McKay at the surprise R.E.M. 40 Watt gig a few years back. Yes, the article tells us folk everything we already know. Athens rocks. The end.

The new Hotel Indigo is still in the process of trotting out the green carpet to guests. The latest bit to hit the incredibly fancy Rialto Room is David Smits this Friday. The price and age bars are set a little high ($25 and 21 respectively) but I’ve been told that the Rialto is to die for.

The Drive-By Truckers have apparently outsold Taylor Swift. Yup, that’s right, our own DBTs are giving country music a swift kick in the A.s.s.

Circulatory System‘s album Signal Morning was just released after waiting, oh, 8 years. It’s no longer streaming on NPR but the article about it’s inspiration is still pretty awesome.

Loud rockin’ Pride Parade is giving away their album. For free. To you. It’s a kick in the head and will leave you stunned at it’s awesomeness.

There’s a new record label out there called RowYourBoat Records. Behind it is Daniel Peiken who is absolutely thrilled silly about the label’s first project: Timmy Conley’s (of Kite to the Moon, Aqualove, etc.)Nerd Sexy. More to come on that later.

And in R.E.M. land, a non-touring, sorta not recording (but kinda are) year has led to a lot of extracurricular activities. They’re currently involved in’s “We Can’t Afford to Wait” health care reform videos.

In addition, it’s been announced by the Future of Music Coalition that Sen. Al Franken will be interviewed by… Mike Mills! No, I’m not joking. The R.E.M.sters have been involved with FMC for a while from what I can tell and hardcore fans will recall that Mr. Mills once expressed an interest in Journalism as his UGA major.

Mills also jumped onstage last night with Jojo of the Modern Skirts,Clay Leverett, and Lona to sing the Rolling Stones’ “Happy.” Just another Wednesday night in Athens, right?

Whew! That was a lot for one little post but it had to be done! As always, questions/comments in the box below. Thanks!

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