Venice Rising

Venice is Sinking is determined to not do things the easy way. Take their latest EP “Okay” for instance. The title of the EP is “Okay.” There are two versions of the song “Okay” along with “Ryan’s Song,” all by ViS. Then there’s two cover songs by the band Okay. Ok?

It’s a pretty hefty release coming from a band whose latest album just came out. But the guys (and gal) in Venice are still rolling along. The band just recently finished a successful Kickstarter bid to have their third album pressed. Recorded in the Georgia Theatre over a week of live performances it was tentatively called “Sand and Lines.”

Though our buddies at Stomp and Stammer have deemed the band “blah,” the new new album sounds very interesting so far. Sure, if you’re not into this dreamy pop sounding band, then yeah, they could be cast as “blah.” It’s sweeping and sad, not heavy metal. Venice is Sinking would make a good metal name though.

But back to the point, I’m enjoying the new EP while waiting for the next album. Word is that Venice might be taking a bit of time off from the touring circuit which will probably serve as a nice break for the band. The future, it seems, will be anything but blah.


  1. Stomp and Stammer hates everyone anyway, don't they? It's always a shock when they say something positive about a band.

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