Happy Birthday Jason!

I should probably explain who Jason is. His name is Jason Gore and I owe him big time. You see, there was a time when I didn’t go to shows in Athens. It was too intimidating. I had no clue where to start. And then came the Brothers Gore.

Along with Sleepy Horses, the Brothers Gore are responsible for getting my ass out of the dorm and onto the scene. They’d come up to WUOG (since it was still in Memorial at that time) and were so nice, I immediately took a liking to them.

Jason would always invite me out to their shows which was something because they almost always played Rye Bar. I was 18 and the show was 21+. So with the bouncer always watching my hands for drink (he needn’t have worried), I got to hear some of my first shows from the Brothers Gore and their partners in crime Television Buzz.

Neither band really exists anymore. I keep hoping for a reunion sometime but that seems a far fetched idea. Jason’s off to the big city now, though we do still keep in touch. Besides being one of the first to let me tag along to shows, Jason also proved to be one of my first interviews for this here blog. You can read the hilarity here. He’s also responsible for ruining the works of Springsteen for me but that’s another story…

So thanks Jason. And happy birthday.

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  1. Jason is a great guy, no doubt. A true personality, and a talented musician to boot. Good musical knowledge, as well. His wife's a kick-ass gal, too, even if she's not a musician.

    Jason was probably a good person to ease you into local music. Even if he does like Queen.

    Happy Birthday, Jason!

    -John B

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