And A Bassline From Hell…

There are days when you can walk to your normal rhythm and then there are days when a good groove hits you. Yesterday was a bit out of the ordinary, that’s for sure. Technically, my yesterday began the night before when I sat in front of this screen and wondered what the hell I was going to do with this Flagpole article. I had the details right. All of the quotes were in place. I just needed a good starting sentence to kick things off.

The phrase didn’t arrive until 2 in the morning, by which time I had already been extremely productive with two other record reviews, done my laundry, and washed all the dishes. Sometimes the idea will just hit you. Other times, you have to try and lure it out. Thankfully, the first sentence soon appeared on my paper and the rest of the piece followed pretty nicely. Fingers crossed.

After a brief stint at work, I headed downtown for some much needed R & R. A short trip to the Flagpole office was followed by a slow stroll towards downtown and, possibly, the record store. On the way towards Wuxtry, I hear a familiar shout. One of my old bosses was walking out of Taco Stand and on her way back to work. Having nothing to do and wanting to see how the office was doing, I followed her up those well-worn stairs.

Seems the office is doing pretty well. It was great seeing everyone again and getting their feedback on the blog as well as finding out which shows I should be headed off to in the coming weeks. Next time, I’ll have to bring ice cream.

I spent a bit of time in Wuxtry, talking to Mike about the Happy Happy Birthday to Me celebrations and the flu-like illness that seems to be running through Athens quicker than Rep. Broun from his constituents. Conversation turned towards the new Beatles remasters and the fact that neither of us had owned a Beatles record until we were in our twenties. Some may gasp but when everyone sites the band as an influence, haven’t you already heard it anyway? Regardless, I walked out of there with Abby Road, purely because it had “I Want You” and “Come Together” on it.

It was still drizzling when I left so I quickly found shelter that had a wireless connection and began arranging some interviews and performances. I was tempted to go ahead and listen to my new Beatles record but I settled for a movie version of “Come Together” instead. My god, that bass line.

The weather matched my mood, both of us becoming a bit more cloudy as the day wore on. The rhythms of the day out of synch with my usual cruising pace. It was nice to get out of one groove and into another. I took my bag and headed to WUOG for the night’s show.

Still feeling that “Together” groove, I felt it appropriate to do most of the show on vinyl. I grabbed everyone from the Brains and Guadalcanal Diary to 13-1-11 and, in keeping with that groove, my ever present Pylon. The whole shift when quicker than I thought, probably aided by the absurd amount of other stuff I was doing at the time.

Left the station, came home, grabbed a hot dog and threw on the Beatles. Yeah, I listen to non-Athens artists every once in a while. Laying my head down, I pressed play on my remote, letting those first deep notes carry me into the dark.

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