R.E.M. Live at the Olympia

Peter Buck really loves that song. In fact, Buck really loves a lot of the songs on the new record. He uses the phrase no less than six times in his extensive liner notes to R.E.M.'s Live at the Olympia. Other times, he varies his writing with "really like" and "interesting to play" but after … Continue reading R.E.M. Live at the Olympia


It’s the End of the Month as We Know It

Since tomorrow will be our last day of October 2009 postings, I'm using today for a few bits and pieces of news and some blog housekeeping things. Lots of links in this post. I suppose if you want to use them instead of the sidebar history thingy, then have at it.Tomorrow's the Live at the … Continue reading It’s the End of the Month as We Know It

This Week in Athens

Well, with the annual Georgia/Florida game, Fall Break, and Halloween all hitting this weekend, it may prove to be a surprisingly student-free weekend. No worries though. When the students go away, the Athenians come out to play. Halloween's always an insane holiday here and I'm glad to finally have a costume!Lots of friends of the … Continue reading This Week in Athens

THIS IS NOT A POST: R.E.M. Olympia Release Party

A full review of Live at the Olympia and This is Not a Show will be up after I get my copy. Thanks.On an otherwise uneventful Monday night, I made my way downtown to meet up with my friend Cathy for a quick dinner before heading towards the shiny new Hotel Indigo for the Live … Continue reading THIS IS NOT A POST: R.E.M. Olympia Release Party

Welcome to the Conversation: Nana Grizol’s Theo Hilton

Trying to map out a family tree of the artists of Orange Twin records is like making a really thick wreath. The community is so grown together that it's very rare to find a track that doesn't have some random combination of E6ers/OTers. But for Nana Grizol, it works. In fact, the community ties and … Continue reading Welcome to the Conversation: Nana Grizol’s Theo Hilton

Welcome to the Conversation: Madeline

It's 8 o'clock on a Wednesday evening when I call Madeline Adams. She's in the midst of cooking broccoli for dinner. Her voice is quiet and friendly as she apologizes for the radio in the background. It's NPR. She's also been listening to Nina Simone lately, some stuff from The Microphones. Her first influences are … Continue reading Welcome to the Conversation: Madeline

Contest: Montgomery Gentry Tickets!

Hey guys, completely random happenstance here. I've got two pairs of tickets to give away to the Thursday, October 22 MONTGOMERY GENTRY SHOW!! (UPDATE: AND NOW THEY'RE GONE)It's a private show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta featuring the Lost Trailers. Email athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com with the subject line MG SHOW. First two emails win. Now you're probably … Continue reading Contest: Montgomery Gentry Tickets!

Sink Your Teeth into CHOMP MORE!

Oh, you have NO idea how long I've been waiting for this. Yes, some of you have been waiting longer just by virtue of age alone but seriously, Pylon has remastered CHOMP! Hell, they even added four tracks! It's the first time this record has been on cd! *insert massive hysterical squealing here*Chomp marked a … Continue reading Sink Your Teeth into CHOMP MORE!