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Chris McKay /

Man, what a week it has been. There’s been enough ups and downs to last a few years, nevermind just seven days.

We lost two great men this week. I’ve been updating the pages on Jon Guthrie and Wayne Sawyer. You should find the arrangements for their memorial services on the page now. They are loved and missed.

The week wasn’t all bad news though. The Minus 5/Baseball Project/Steve Wynn IV show was a great success. And for any of you who had doubts about how much people still care about Bill Berry’s drumming, check out Spin, Spinner, Stereogum, Slicing Up Eyeballs, Bucket Full of Brains, Music Radar, Indie Blog Heaven, FUSE, NME, Paste, and the German ROLLING STONE!

You’ve probably already seen my video so I’m posting this one from Cybele. It offers a closer look at the band from the opposite side of the stage. Have a great weekend y’all and stand by for plenty of U2 fawning next week. They’re coming to Atlanta and I’m hoping I could meet one of them. Maybe Adam. I like bassists…

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  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing this!
    The video gives ya motion sickness, but the song and the band are fun!

    <3 Ophelia from Murmurs

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