Weird, Wild, Wet, and Wonderful Week

(Photo and Bunny by Ziona Kocher)

Greetings from Athens! We’re getting a ton of rain today (yet again) but we’ll somehow manage to trudge through all the puddles to our various jobs and what not. It’s going to be an interesting week here on the blog so here’s a heads up of what’s coming your way along with some news reminders.

Don’t forget to tune into the Future of Music Coalition’s webcast from Washington, D.C. and watch Bertis Downs, Mike Mills, and a ton of other musicians and music business types discuss pressing issues like copyright and promotion in the digital age. Link is here. It’ll be broadcast on C-Span at some point, details on that when they come.

U2 show in ATL TOMORROW!! Strange how the past two weeks have included a lot of non-Athenians but if pressed to make a connection between the two for argument’s sake, I will.

EcoFocus Film Festival is going on this week. It kicked off this weekend with a ton of great films focusing on the environment. Make sure you try to get out to at least one screening. More info can be found here.

Also coming up:

Casper & the Cookies review! NOM.

Random musings on writing stuff

New Addiction

And more.

Happy Monday guys!

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