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I’ve been getting a few emails lately wondering how rebuilding the GA Theatre is going. There’s been a lot of progress so far in getting stuff organized but there’s still a long way to go. So here’s the scoop.

The Georgia Theatre entered a partnership with the Georgia Trust, a non-profit preservation organization. Through the partnership, people can donate directly to the Theatre to help get it back off the ground (literally).

There’s been a ton of fund raising concerts lately and they’re likely to continue for a long while. Quality stuff like the Zac Brown Band (Fri, Oct. 30) and Abbey Road Live’s giant thing this Friday featuring Vanessa from Pylon, Mike from Five Eight, and Mike Mills (who has been mentioned enough on this blog that you should know exactly who he plays for).

Probably one of the cooler projects going on is the GEORGIA THEATRE quilt! Yes, a quilt. What a nifty idea to get our vibrant art community involved too. The deadline to submit a patch is coming up really soon. Details are here.

So no worries about things getting done with the Theatre so far. As long as you can spare the price of a ticket or two and get the word out about events, you’ll be jamming at the Theatre again really soon.

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