Sink Your Teeth into CHOMP MORE!

Oh, you have NO idea how long I’ve been waiting for this. Yes, some of you have been waiting longer just by virtue of age alone but seriously, Pylon has remastered CHOMP! Hell, they even added four tracks! It’s the first time this record has been on cd! *insert massive hysterical squealing here*

Chomp marked a departure from the minimal sounds of Gyrate. Vanessa’s vocals are pushed up in the mix, Randy’s guitar is more complex, Michael’s bass gets a lot more melodic, and Curtis’ drums sound a lot further back in the mix. The sharp and jagged sounds of Gyrate morphed into an almost poppy dance landscape

The most recognizable track, however, is “Crazy.” Yup, the song that R.E.M. covered and released on Dead Letter Office that arguably drew tons of fans to the quirky quartet that wrote the original. No offense to Buck and the gang but Pylon’s version is so much better. It’s not hard to see why they covered it though. Randy’s guitar sounds oddly Buck-like.

But there’s always that rhythm that you could dance to. No matter what kind of dark and scary mood I’m in, you throw on a Pylon track and I can’t help but move. Pylon had that energy even after a few breakups and get togethers and a few shows last year. You could feel electricity in the air and joy in your heart. It tears me up so bad knowing that there will never be another Pylon show. But truth be told, there could never be another Pylon. The band may have ended but the stories and the music never will. They’ll be passed along from person to person, uniting all sorts of odd balls and professionals and kids with that golden thread of humanity, inspiring us to lace up our All-Stars and just have fun.

Nothing can hurt you
Unless you want it to
There are no answers
Many reasons to be strong

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