New Addiction: Athens Boys Choir

A long while back ago, we had Athens Boys Choir come up to WUOG for Live in the Lobby.I was incredibly confused. I was expecting a nice little troop of young choir lads, in frocks, with sweet voices and some director. What we got was SO much better: Katz, the hilarious, beat-savvy poet with a story to tell.

I’ll admit that hip-hop is a scary place for me. But my god, I love ABC. I dunno if it’s the clever wordplay (“The Metrosexual Threw Off My Gaydar”) or the awesome 80’s throwbacks (“WaHo” and “Jazz Hands”). Every single song got stuck in my head for days. What cemented the love affair though are the incredible music videos.

I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or otherwise. Athens Boys Choir will knock your socks off.

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