It’s the End of the Month as We Know It

Since tomorrow will be our last day of October 2009 postings, I’m using today for a few bits and pieces of news and some blog housekeeping things. Lots of links in this post. I suppose if you want to use them instead of the sidebar history thingy, then have at it.

Tomorrow’s the Live at the Olympia review. Hint: I blew a speaker..Apparently it was R.E.M. month here at AMJ though someone forgot to tell us to make it official. It started with the Minus 5/Baseball Project/Steve Wynn IV/Mills and Berry post. That video went viral quick and is fast approaching some 5,000 views. We announced the listening party (which went very well according to all parties, both here and elsewhere.) And I went all nostalgic about an R.E.M. event two years ago. Of course, all thanks to the Chronic Town Crew for being generous with great song/blogpost titles and linking to stuff. Also neat, our little fan run R.E.M. Facebook group passed the official one in membership earlier this month. But that group’s head did just have an adorable kid so all is well.

Speaking of Facebook, the AMJ Fan Page that our dear webmaven Ziona set up reached 89 fans. It’d be cool if that could reach 100 before my birthday. And on that note…

Michael Lachowski and Vanessa Briscoe Hay will be guest djaying on Sound of the City on WUOG November 17. Happy early birthday to me. Vanessa’s band Supercluster just released Waves and Pylon finally put Chomp on disc. YAY!

We also caught up with the Georgia Theatre. After my post here, I got the call from Flagpole to write about the Zac Brown Band concert this Friday. And yes, we can confirm that Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock will be among the guest performers.

Also conducted the first official AMJ exclusive interviews with some artists that weren’t close friends, took a look at some stuff I read, and got over a few puddles of doubt in the torrential downpour that is the music journalism business.

Last night, there was an epic Halloween party organized by our friend Matt from Leading Edge. Featuring Doctor Squid, LE, and Abbey Road Live!, the party raised some $1,900 for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. Matt also succeeded in getting me to wear a costume. Well played..

I’ll be donning that costume again this weekend for the REAL Halloween celebrations since everyone else will be either at the GA/FL football game or back at home. Expect the Wild Rumpus and some very familiar names in cover bands.

NOW for November.

You’ve been asking so yes, this will begin a journey through Widespread Panic’s catalog. I’ve been listening to some stuff and I think I have how I’m approaching it down.

Also got some more New Addictions and Welcome to the Conversation pieces and info on Patterson Hood taking over the Caledonia this month.  And who knows what great stuff is buried in that old Tasty World Magazine that Dan Matthews passed onto us?

As always, we’d love to hear from you via comments section, email, twitter, facebook, phone, carrier pigeon, whatever.

Thanks for sticking with us,


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