Sweet November Rain

  (Photo/Ziona Kocher)

 I can be honest and answer plainly. Since November, it’s been raining. It’s raining in Athens.

– Azure Ray

I’ve been watching the maple leaves outside my window change ever so slowly from a bright green to yellow to a now deep red. The constant downpours of the past month have taken their toll on the native greenery. The sky, too, has seen better days, remaining an expressionless gray. A heavy mood hangs over the town, a quietness that only Autumn can bring. It seems like everything is being seen through a hazy filter. The grass seems duller, the train cars parked behind the campus are even more faded now, and the people appear older than they used to.

Fall comes and goes quickly here. The winter will be upon us soon. But for now, the trees stay clothed in burnt colors. And my mind turns to the music of the last months of Fall. As the year wears on, my songs become longer, less dynamic, and more haunting. Appalachia is king once more. The call of the mountains and hot apple cider beckon once more.

This is the season of Vic Chesnutt, Liz Durrett, and Don Chambers. Nate Nelson, the Vigilantes of Love, Sleepy Horses.. Wailing and haunting as the shortest season turns its face towards the coming Winter chill. We put away angular guitars and the dancing beats for this is no time for dancing. It’s coming upon the time for reflection. So reflecting upon that, what are some of the best local artists for Autumn playlists?

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