Welcome to the Hood

I LOVE when artists take up residency at a venue for a month so when I heard that Patterson Hood was playing the Caledonia three Wednesdays this month, I seriously almost lost my mind. Now I’m not going to re-cover everything that Flagpole’s already said about the shows (in the interest of time, group sanity, and my paycheck..) but I thought that I should at least mention it today.

Last time I saw Mr. Hood, he was singing onstage with the Baseball Project. Was that really just last month? Wow. The time before that, I was sandwiched in between two of my Music Business colleagues at a Drive-By Truckers show at the 40 Watt. The insane amount of booze spilled on my jacket has caused the poor WUOG hoodie to carry the faintest scent of pot and whisky even after multiple washings. Beer soaked coats aside, it was a killer show, full of swagger and hometown pride.

The Caledonia shows may prove to be a bit quieter than a regular DBT gig. Hood is near solo and the songs will be coming off of his lone projects with a few other gems thrown in. Reminds me a tiny bit of those nights Buck used to do with his friends. Who’ll show up at the Hood shows? I honestly have no clue but the man keeps good company so there’s a good chance of some awesome pairings.

Tickets are $10 at the door so get yerself downtown early. I have a feeling these things will be kinda packed.

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