How to Save a Life This Friday

(Photo/Ziona Kocher)

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. It’s a time for family and football, turkeys and television, parades and pigskins but there’s that “Thanks” part that always gets to me.

I lead an extremely blessed life. Yeah, incredible things happen to me in this music world. You’ve read a few accounts of them here on this blog. Sure, I have phenomenal friends and family that support me. I would be nowhere without them. But I also have something that one billion people on this planet don’t have: CLEAN WATER.

I got an email from our friends the Warm Fuzzies. Jason has joined the Goodfight (from ATL) in a project they’re calling “Buy a Record, Save a Life.”  The premise is simple. The guys joined up with CHARITY:WATER to help raise funds to provide safe drinking water to people in developing nations.You buy a copy of the Goodfight’s record “Good & Evil” for $10 and that money goes to charity:water.

The band’s goal is to sell 10,000 copies but honestly, anything helps! There’s even going to be a kick-ass free show at Seney-Stovall Chapel on Friday featuring Leaving Araby, Pilot Coat and Jason Harwell (MCing yo!). So even if the music isn’t really your type, I’d recommend at least giving charity:water a good looking over.

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