Tuesday Morning News Gathering

God. What a sucky week. On that note, there’s a lot of random bits and pieces of news from around town that I figured I’d put out there.

WUOG: My beloved grey jacket and blue shirt are already last year’s duds (!), so if you want some sweet new college radio swag, you can now order a t-shirt or hoodie! If you’re in town, stop by Tate Center. If not, order over the telephone by calling (706) 542-8579 anytime between 9am-4pm on weekdays. There will be a $5 cost for shipping. Just make sure you tell the cashiers what you want to do and give them all your information.

Also of note, November 17th will be a freakin’ awesome version of Sound of the City. We’ve got two ultra awesome guests coming up to dj. More on that closer to the day..

NUCI’S SPACE: Since the news broke that Nuci’s is facing the possibility of having to pay property taxes, another story got published following up on the case. But it was just announced that they’re gonna fight this. Nuci’s Space has our full support and I’m thrilled that they’re not just letting this go. It’s an issue that delves into other non-profits as well. We’ll be keeping an eye on this.

WIDESPREAD PANIC: Are returning to ATL for New Year’s Eve (and the day before). Tickets are available here. And pseudo-critic Bob Lefsetz is apparently a big WP fan, judging by his blogpost from yesterday. But what’s really worth noting is J.B.’s AMAZING Halloween costume. Sorry Mills, better luck next year. Photo by Colin Vereen, stolen from Facebook.

R.E.M.: Speaking of Mills, he and the rest of the band are one time zone over to the left recording some new stuff for the next album. Feedback from Olympia has been great and their video for “Imitation of Life” has been picked as one of Paste Magazine’s top 50 of the decade. As has one from…

OF MONTREAL: The band that probably needed no help for Halloween costumes is off road for a teensy bit but the Late B.P. Helium will be playing Athens in December. Hoorah! They’re probably tired from playing Fun Fun Fun Fest along with some fellow Athenians by the name of…

DEAD CONFEDERATE: Who are on tour overseas as of December 1. Still waiting on the new album. I’ve wondered how exactly that name goes over for the non-U.S. crowd. While we’re on the theme of bands named after politically charged war movements of the United States…

THE WHIGS: Are also away from Athens until December. They’re currently touring up and down the West Coast but will be flying into ATL (Playhouse) on December 4th.

And that about raps up the newsgathering for this morning. As always, you’re invited to comment/email whatever news events you’d like to see up here. Later dudes.

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