Hey You! Play Athfest 2010!

Dead Confederate and Manchester Orchestra play in a dumpster at Athfest (2009/Jordan Stepp)
Athfest. How I love thee. Thy massive, heaving throngs of humanity. The grim determination of the second stage bands. The near avoidance of heat strokes and heart attacks. The blessed, blessed music..
I was beyond thrilled to get to cover the festival last year but you know what would really make me happy? Seeing your band on the outdoor stage and/or reading your name on the Athfest compilation cd. Even if you don’t give a rip about this blog, you should give a rip about getting your music out to the masses during one of the biggest Athens music events each year.
Bands are encouraged to send in material for the annual Athfest Compilation cd. Past offerings have included everyone from Widespread Panic to Vic Chesnutt to the Warm Fuzzies and beyond. You’ve got until Jan. 29th to get your act together and send in a shiny recording here.
If you’d also like to play outdoors, Athfest is now accepting bids via Sonicbids. I’ve seen firsthand how much merch gets moved and how many fans get made during and after these shows. You’d be a fool not to try. Here’s hoping we’ll see ya there!


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