Friday News Roundup

We reported that R.E.M. was one time zone over earlier this month (leaving New Orleans out of the report just for privacy’s sake) but Stipey spilled the beans on REMHQ and posted the above video and this one as well. Hope you’re having fun guys!

Click the link for the full Live in the Lobby/Sound of the City Show. Features PRIDE PARADE for about 35 minutes then it’s Michael and Vanessa’s DJ shift at WUOG. Their setlist is here.

If you’ve ever wanted a Christmas Caroler like no other to show up at your place, I’d recommend you take a peek at this here Homedrone post I did. Julian and his singing saw may be coming your way!

In sadder Athens news, UGA VII died suddenly on Thursday. The Bulldog mascot had only overseen one full season and most of this one before passing away suddenly from a heart attack. The Bulldawg nation is in shock, especially since it’s been reported that there will be NO MASCOT at this weekend’s game. Some fans are planning a spontaneous blackout for the Kentucky game.

And last but not least, I love my friends. They’re a phenomenal and talented bunch. Not only did most of them wish me happy birthday on Facebook/Twitter, three of them conspired to create this. I honestly would not be here without y’all. Thanks for everything guys!

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