New Addiction: Jesse Mangum

Sometimes it takes a cat knocking over your cd collection in the middle of the night to re-discover good tunes. I found Mangum’s cd under my bed and remembered running into him way back in the summertime.

They say that you can meet some of the most interesting people backstage. And from my experience, it’s true. While spending a nerve-shattering hour backstage at the Flagpole Awards, I happened to meet a very friendly musician by the name of Jesse Mangum. We got to talking and he asked if I would check out his site. Glad I did.

His stuff is unassuming and mostly leans toward the quieter end of the spectrum. It’s a mix of singer/songwriter guitar stuff and some more technical effects on his voice. Yesterday was the perfect day for his music, soft and comforting like the rain hitting my window.

I dunno what Mangum’s currently up to right now. Last I heard, he was getting into his studio work pretty hard. Regardless, the guy’s worth a listen.

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