Battle for Nuci’s, Part 2!

So after the ridiculously awesome first Battle of the Bands last Monday, seven more bands will rise up from their places of business and attempt to blow one another off the stage in the name of charity.

Last week Expresso Royale dominated with “Billie Jean,” Tranny and the Mets (aka Transmet) did Nirvana, and the Globe did a rendition of the theme from Beverly Hills Cop by blowing into bottles. Wonder how they got them all empty, eh?

Tonight’s contenders include not one but two teams from Partnersoft, the quick licks of Jimmy Johns, the have it your way Your Pie, the kick-ass Caledonia, UGA Music Business’s finest music makers, ringing tones from Dial America and the home team, The 40 Watt Club.

The top 3 teams will perform in the finals on January 6th. Proceeds benefit Nuci’s Space and other charities around town. Show up and support your favorites places of business!

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  1. do you know who made it to the finals? like, from both nights? they didn't say last week who made it from round 1.

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