Top 9 of 09: Athens Music Caught on Film

Well, technically, we caught these following moving images on handheld digital camcorders but it’s the same thing. We were lucky enough to be armed with cameras when some awesome bands played, capturing incredible performances and once in a lifetime events. Old Flippy (Jordan’s Flip cam) was out for a while after Athfest but after a lot of tinkering, it’s working fine now! So here they are! Our 9 Favorite AthensMusicJunkie Videos from 2009.

9.Paul McHugh in a UGA Classroom

None of us, band included, knew that this would happen but when Bill Berry climbed behind the kit, there was just an electricity in the air. The entire performance is fantastic but some great money shots come into play. Like Pete Buck’s jump and smile at 3:30, or Mike Mills and his tambourine at 4:50. That lady is Linda Pitmon, drummer and wife of Steve Wynn who just happens to be standing right next to them, strumming the guitar. Of course,  we’d be complete fools if we didn’t mention the epic Scott McCaughey dead wolverine hat thing. Moments like this don’t happen very often but when they do, it’s nice to have a record of it.

SO many great videos. It’s funny watching them all now. Mike Mills is in 4 videos, Peter Buck shows up in 6 (and he doesn’t even live here!), Vanessa Briscoe Hay can be found Where’s Waldo style in about 3 videos, and on and on. Did you have any favorites?

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  1. I think that the best part here is how Peter, being ever so considerate and protective of Bill, guides him towards the break at 2.00-2.15. Bill sort of nails it, and then Peter gets the band back on track by counting in to the third verse and thereby guiding Scott.

    Good memories anyway. A real treat to have been there that very night!

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