Battle of the Bands Update

Since a few of you have been asking, here’s the rundown of Monday night’s Battle of the Bands, courtesy of Hank Bateman. Thanks dude.

The two Partnersoft bands were each entitled “Lionel Maiden” and “Iron Richie.” Lionel Maiden covered Iron Maiden songs in the style of Lionel Richie while Iron Richie covered Lionel Richie songs in the style of Iron Maiden. The Caledonia Lounge did a great cover of Blind Melon’s No Rain and the Music Business Program 3 piece band did a great version of Tom Waits’ “Chocolate Jesus”
So who’s going on to the finals? Expresso Royale Cafe, The Globe, The Caledonia Lounge, The 40 Watt Club, UGA Music Business Program, and one Partnersoft team. Come back on Jan. 6th for the epic final!

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