Weekly Show Picks

As of today, finals are done at the old University of Georgia. That means all the students are getting kicked out of dorms and those off campus are expected back home soon. We’re in for a nice, slow week in Athens. Enjoy it while you can. Classes begin again Jan. 7th!

The Melting Point
90 Acre Farm
Burning Angels

Rye Bar

The Office Lounge
Strung Out Like Lights at Christmastime
Fundraiser for Empty Stocking fund
Dodd Ferrelle, Workhorses of the Entertainment and Recreation Industry,
Bo Bedingfield, Curley Maple, Burning Angels
Clay Leverett, Bloodkin

40 Watt Club
Living the Dream: Jon Guthrie Memorial Show
Love Tractor, Guff, Hayride, Supercluster
Heavy Feather, Music Hates You, Choptop
Thunderchief, Burns Like Fire, So It Goes
The Athens Band, Greg Veale & Mike Doke,
Kemp Jones, Gabriela Mejias, Bruce Neese,
Michael Guthrie

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