Coming Up on Athens Music Junkie

Well, vacation time is here again and that means packing the car full o’ cds and old records and heading to my parent’s place a little down the ways for some much needed rest. So here’s what you can expect from this blog in the next 15 days or so.

I’ve been working hard at Flagpole to help get that “end of the year” and “end of the decade” stuff out. So many lists! Most prominent among them is the Pylon Decade in Review, as told by Michael and Vanessa. I’m also working on looking at our other big bands from Athens and their decades. The Widespread Panic Decade Roundup is already live. Expect to see some more familiar names over on the Homedrone blog as I wrap up pieces on R.E.M., of Montreal, and the Elephant 6. ‘Tis a labor of love.

Blogwise, I’ve been meaning to do some venue highlights so expect some of that as well as some more Top 9 of ’09. We’ve made up some Athens Christmas Carols, so beware! Also be on the lookout for random musings about the end of the decade all together and a sneak peak at the future. Yup. We’re PSYCHIC!

A number of people have been asking me to do some playlists on the blog. Normally, I’m a little skittish about that but you can find everything I’m listening to (on iPod or computer at least) on my profile. I’ve also been meaning to do some more stuff with MOG so here’s a playlist ready made.

And a very Happy Birthday to R.E.M.’s Mike Mills. If you wanna re-live last year’s epic Mike Mills Birthday Sled to Hell broadcast from WUOG, here’s the link to some pictures and the feed. We’re spinning “Kinky Boots” in your honor today sir.

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