Bambara: Blowing Your Mind, For Free

Look. In Athens there are several types of bands. There’s your bands that exist merely to annoy, some to play just for friends, some that are hellbent on becoming rockstars and then the truly great bands that have talent, drive, and enough brains to have fun with it all. That last type of band describes Bambara.

I’ve fawned over the trio before, so the names Blaze, William, and Reid should already be familiar to you. If not, there they are. Bambara is part of the psych/grunge rock wave that is hitting Athens. The band’s probably leading it as far as I’m concerned. This awesome write up about Bambara, Gift Horse, and A.Armada makes some great points. That little indie-pop/art rock haven that was Athens has morphed into a larger and more diverse creature. But that’s another post. Back to Bambara fawning.

Bambara is giving away their six track album Dog Ear Days for free. Course, since it is the giving season, feel free to toss a dollar or two their way but if you’re strapped for funds, it’s yours for absolutely nothing. The album is a virtual showcase of everything Bambara does right.

Basically, the album’s like a peach. Fuzzy, sweet, and oh so delicious. It’s not really dance music but the rhythms behind the songs urge you to move. To counterbalance, you’ve got howling vocals and a haunting, droning guitar. It’s definitely worth a listen. Tell your friends.


  1. Bambara has been around for about 3 years now. Good band.

    The “psych/grunge wave” has been around for about 4-5 years.

    “That little indie-pop/art rock haven that was Athens has morphed into a larger and more diverse creature.”

    Sure, this is true and it started morphing about 30 years ago. Bamabra, Gift Horse and A. Armada are hardly the first bands in Athens to play the types of music they do.

  2. Athens has always been prone to waves and I'm well aware that Bambara is FAR from the first to play this type stuff. But I've been here for about 4 years so it's all new to me!

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