New Addiction: Eureka California

With a name like Eureka California, you’d think we’d stumbled across some happy bubble-gum pop band. Yeah, forget all that. Names don’t mean anything anymore. Think dirty, fuzzy pop with some flair and flail and the odd experimental touch. That’s Eureka California.

I wondered why this band sounded so familiar. Turns out that it’s the reincarnation of the Complete Adventurer. The duo of Jacob Ward and Wyatt Strother (Werewolves, Horse Party, and a ton of other bands I like) makes for a pretty fierce musical onslaught. Hell, they list Robyn Hitchcock, Blur, and Superchunk as influences! At least toss some indie points their way!

E.C. is releasing it’s first album Eureka California is Dead on December 30th at Flicker. Check the link to the myspace for a sneak preview.

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