Where Do We Go From Here?

(Photo/Ziona Kocher)
Hard to believe that next time I post on this blog, it’ll be a new year and a new decade. I had meant to take Christmas off for vacation but, well, life happened. AMJ will be back posting daily on Jan. 4th.
I can’t quite express my hopes and anxieties about the new year. I’m at a point in my life where everything I know is going to change. In the upcoming months, I’ll have to bid farewell to WUOG, my little refuge for years. I’ll be looking for an actual job with actual income. There’s a possibility that I won’t be able to stay in Athens…The future is terrifying at times.
But whenever uncertainty comes our way, there comes a chance for change and new adventures. If you’d told me three years ago about this blog, this life I lead, I would’ve laughed in your face. Funny how the past few years has taught me that anything is possible, given enough time, the right bit of luck, and some work. Endless possibilities to learn and grow and love and live.
It’s the future right? New year, new rules. Sure, it’s a bit scary to not know what is ahead (or even what you’ll be doing in May) but it’s also freeing. I’ve learned so much from everyone here, especially y’all. Wherever life takes me next, I’ve got some valuable lessons already done.
And this may be pandering, but I’d be amiss not to thank everyone who’s following us on Twitter or who is a Facebook fan or Youtube buddy. I’m also thankful for all the comments you leave, even if they lead to me licking my wounds for a while. Some big stuff will be coming our way from Athens in 2010. Our intern and other writers will be appearing a lot more, great new albums will debut, a certain band will turn 30…
So hold on tight. The future is calling. Just grab a friend, get in the van, pop on some Pylon and go.
See ya in 2010,
Jordan Stepp

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