Kris Langley

My dear friend Kris Langley passed away on Saturday. He had battled leukemia and undergone treatment, somehow managing to keep his incredible sense of humor throughout it all. His wife announced that he was in ICU on Jan. 16th via facebook. He had a viral infection in his lungs around the end of December and … Continue reading Kris Langley


The Weekend. In Videos!

It has been a very long week but we made it! Yay! So now we get to enjoy some awesome shows this weekend. And our good friend Ziona (from our Florida branch) is coming up to hang out for a few days. Also yay!So what exactly are we planning? Well, first up there is an … Continue reading The Weekend. In Videos!

Athens Music News Roundup

(Photo/Jordan Stepp  Hooray dayjob.)Yes, some of the links go back to my Flagpole stuff. It's just easier than typing it out twice. *end shameless self-promotion*TAKE OVER WUOG! You wanna DJ? Here's your chance. February 19-21 you can come up to the station and put whatever you want on air (within  FCC guidelines). Read a book, … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup

Futurebirds to Nest at Tasty World Uptown

It's not uncommon for a band to take up residence in an Athens club. Patterson Hood took over the Caledonia, Don Chambers held onto Farm 255 for a bit, so hearing that someone's got a sort of string of Tuesdays at the Tasty World Uptown comes as no surprise. What's really cool is that this … Continue reading Futurebirds to Nest at Tasty World Uptown