First of the Year Athens Round Up

First up, according to their Twitter feed, the Modern Skirts are currently mixing their follow up to All of Us in Our Night. It has yet to be discovered which tracks will be included on the new record but “D.U.I.” and “Bridges and Overpasses” have been played a lot live so maybe those songs will be released.

Congrats to our friend Sloan and his site Southern Shelter for getting mentioned on Pitchfork’s Forkcast. I have my beefs with the ol’ P-fork but it’s nice to see Sloan get some props.

Michael Lachowski’s Young, Foxy & Free has released its winter issue, an awesome calendar with incredibly awesome artwork inside. Make sure to pick one up when you’re downtown.

Yesterday marked R.E.M. singer/artist/performer type guy Michael Stipe‘s 50th birthday. All the guys have now reached that mark (both Buck (53) and Mills (51) celebrated birthdays in December). Cool thing going on through in celebration of the event. Details and such are here. Now on to the 30th anniversary of the band in APRIL!!

Corey Smith will be the first guest of the semester for the UGA Music Business Program. That’s on Thursday at 3:30 at the Rialto Room. Everyone’s invited so check it out if you’d like.

Dead Confederate has gone and released Dirty Ammo for free online. BUT! If you’d like to be awesome and donate a dollar to the Georgia Theatre, you can do that. There’s also two great payable options that include t-shirts and vinyl..

The college kiddies all return to town tomorrow and Thursday so brace yourselves.


  1. You're in college, too, so this should read: “We're back. Brace yourself for us.”

  2. Thanks for mentioning the awesome Young, Foxy & Free Winter Calendar Issue Jordan. What makes it that way is the great contributors: artists, photographers, and businesses. It's drilled and ready to hang and use!

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