Battle of the Bands: FINALS TONIGHT!

Can the 40 Watt win on its home turf? Did the students of the Music Business Program study for this final? Will the Globe win world domination? Will Partnersoft make a name for itself or will the hyped up ERC band shut ’em down. And the question on everyone’s mind: Can the Caledonia Lounge be king again?! (Note use of interrobang). Find out tonight in the epic final matchup!

Since it’s the final night and proceeds go to Nuci’s Space, the BotB has brought out some big time auction items. Look for autographed posters and stuff from R.E.M., Widespread Panic, and tons more. Find a friend with a big wallet and offer to pay his $5 to get in. Then watch as he drools over the goodies. I can’t wait for this show!

And here’s a great look at tonight’s bands, courtesy of our pals at Online Athens.

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