Weekly Show Picks!

Hey gang, lots of good stuff going on in the next 7 days of Athens goodness. We’re heavy on the “friends of AMJ staffers” bands this week but we can assure you, they’re all quality.

40 Watt
Battle of the Bands Final

Rye Bar
Three Foot Swagger (some buddies of mine from MBUS)

The Melting Point
Benefit for Romeo Cologne
A LOT of great djs/friends of ours including
Michael Lachowski (wooot!)
Mike Richmond (Love Tractor and oddly enough, co-worker!)
DJ Cologne himself!

Tasty World Uptown
Dead Confederate (wait, what?!)

40 Watt
Corduroy Road
Madeline and the White Flag Band (Jordan’s interview with her here)
Possum Jenkins

Farm 255
Venice is Sinking

Go Bar
The Diamond Center
Fire Zuave

Tasty World Uptown
Mama’s Love (more MBUS kids)
The Moderate

Tasty World Uptown

Kenosha Kid

Live in the Lobby/Sound of the City. The first show of my last season as host of Sound of the City. If you have any requests for guests, music, or general debauchery, LET ME KNOW!

Go Bar
Black Barbie
Shitty Candy
Punk Bunny
Witness the Apotheosis (even more MBUS kids!)

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