Random AMJ News

There’s nothing quite like an empty inbox. Nothing pending, nothing urgent, nothing to see about. It doesn’t last long. Or at least mine didn’t. At 8 a.m., it was a thing of beauty. By 11, I had 186 messages. Must be the beginning of the year… On with the blog news!

Tonight’s the start of the big Drive-By Truckers thing at the 40 Watt. There’s a pre-party over at Nuci’s Space with lots of cool signed stuff. You’ll want to check it out. Good luck getting in the show though. Friday and Saturday are SOLD OUT.

Sound of the City went great Tuesday night! Thanks everyone for listening in to WUOG for my show. If you’re wondering what all we heard, here’s the setlist. Almost completely vinyl set. I’m rather proud. Since this is my last season, I’m taking requests for guest DJs, songs, and anything else you can think of. Leave ideas in the comments.

Also, I’m working a really long shift at my job which means a LOT more time to listen to music. So if you’ve got something local you’d like to submit, just email athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com.

Bummer, man. The Caledonia is still closed for a bit due to the always enjoyable liquor license laws. Joy.

As always, if you want the all the rest of the stories we’ve been collecting along with some interesting conversation and really random-ass Athens links, we’re on Facebook. I’m not just saying that cause I feel like some shameless plugging, it’s honestly easier to post links to the Fanpage through the day than make more and more blogposts that you may or may not get to read. SEE! It has a purpose!

We’re soon approaching two really big dates for AthensMusicJunkie. One is our two year anniversary. The other is in April…. Expect to see some changes on the blog. Just a head’s up.

And here’s a random Athens link.

I’m off to do some interviewing type stuff. See ya on Friday.

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