New Addiction: Cars Can Be Blue

I bought Doubly Unbeatable quite some time ago and it ended up just sitting on my desk, waiting to be opened. I finally opened it a little while ago and I’m impressed. Cars Can Be Blue is a cool pop-duo that doesn’t get boring or annoying, for me anyway.

But I’m mostly enthralled with the songs on the record. They’re not something you want to listen to while there’s young kids around, especially “Pretty Special.” Go to the link and be warned of “Dirty Song.” I was eating supper and nearly choked on my stir fry. They look so cute and innocent, like every other bubble-gum band but damn, they subvert that REALLY quick.

Bubble-gum pop is usually upbeat and quirky, like our other favorites The Warm Fuzzies. Well, Cars is upbeat alright but instead of singing about love and Dairy Queens, they’ll hum a tune about the local groupie and coattail riding bands around town. Ouchy.

Anyway, give this duo a listen. You’ll laugh out loud.

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  1. Hello, stranger! I stumbled upon your blog after following a Venice is Sinking tweet. Cars Can Be Blue is playing tomorrow night, March 13, at the 40 Watt.

    They are opening for an Atlanta Improv Troupe ( and the headliner is Effie's Club Follies (

    Becky (of Cars Can Be Blue) is also our local burlesque star Dipsy Doodle! Effie's and the lyrics of Cars Can be Blue are a perfect match…we'd love to have you out

    Tighty Whitey (Effie's burlesque extraordinaress)

    p.s. I also played viola (along with Karolyn Troupe, of course) on the new Venice album. I'm excited to hear it too!

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